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Adventures of Beryl & Carol

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Beryl and Carol are twelve-year-old best friends living in England in 1997. They love their river and their beautiful little town. But there is a real threat that they will soon be separated. Worse, they are constantly tormented by bullies, and one day they are cornered with no way out. To evade the bullies, they escape into the nearby ‘Forbidden Forest,’ where their terrifying, exhilarating, and noble adventure begins.

Jeremy Sherr

used to tell Beryl & Peril’s (Carol’s nickname) adventures to his daughters as bedtime stories over the last couple of decades (2 wives, 2 sets of daughters :-). An author of several professional books and poetry, Jeremy decided to turn the adventures into a novel for midgraders and adults alike. The sequel is on the way…

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Multi award winner

  • Winner of American Writing Award 2024 Adventure
  • Winner of American Writing Award 2024 Bedtime 
  • Winner of Pencraft Award Winter 2024 Preteen 
  • Finalist 2024 Indie Book Awards

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The Noble Adventures of Beryl & Carol

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